Harvest Properties

SF Bay Area, CA


Harvest Properties

Project Location

SF Bay Area, CA

Investment Date

2011 - 2016

Operating Partner

Harvest Group

Investment Partner

Asset Class


Partnership Structure

Joint Venture


6 Buildings

A platform spanning the Bay Area, focused on building the workplace of tomorrow while revitalizing historic landmarks.

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The Harvest Platform

Two of the the six properties were critical components in the revitalization of downtown Oakland including the historic restoration and redevelopment of TribuneTower, which is an important symbol of the Oakland skyline.

Throughout the portfolio ESG initiatives were expected to make
state-of-the-art office buildings that were more energy efficient and better for the environment. In general the portfolio was focused on building the workplace of tomorrow far before the post-COVID transformation of office. 

The platform strategy was ahead of its time in redeveloping office buildings to meet the needs of employees for flexible commutes and better work/life balance. Several of the buildings housed satellite offices for tech firms to have collaborative space and flexible work stations closer to the homes of their employees. This was a driving force in the portfolio thesis that created a portfolio located in the East Bay, South Bay, and Downtown San Francisco.