Lower Hill District

Pittsburgh, PA


Lower Hill District

Project Location

Pittsburgh, PA

Investment Date

2020 - Present

Operating Partner

Buccini/ Pollin group

Investment Partner

Fenway Sports Group

Asset Class


Partnership Structure

Co- investment w/ joint ventures


Office, Retail, Residential, Public Parks

Reconnecting Pittsburgh’s Central Business District to the revitalized East Side neighborhoods.

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The Lower Hill Platform

The partners are redeveloping Pittsburgh’s former Civic Arena site into a 28-acre ground-up,$1 Billion mixed-use project in the Lower Hill District, which will reconnect Pittsburgh’s Central Business District to revitalizing neighborhoods to the East.

The project will serve as a case study on how public-private partnerships can have a catalytic, restorative impact on regional growth and neighborhood reinvestment.

We are implementing one of the most comprehensive community reinvestment agreements (The Community Collaboration and Implementation Plan) in the history of the United States.